Decluttering my Life

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a slightly obsessive personality, am a bit of a hoarder (but only useful things! like pens and clothes and makeup and art supplies!), and have a bit of a shopping problem.

What can I say? I like buying clothes and makeup and trying out new styles!

Over each summer in my life, I’ve always traveled away and taken a small carry-on suitcase with me. I’m really good at packing and taking not many things. I scoff in the face of all those How To Pack a Suitcase videos and tutorials on Youtube. This past summer when I went back to China, I did the same – and realized how nice it felt to only have a few staple pieces to choose from and try out different ways of pairing clothes. (On Pinterest, I think this is called a capsule wardrobe.)

So when I came home to my apartment in Boston,  I decided I needed to clean out my life.

No, not people. Friends, I still love all of you. Don’t be silly.

I started with my wardrobe. I know everyone says to take everything out of your closet first and then put back the things you reach for first – I didn’t do that because I’m such a rebel.

Turns out I’m very familiar with what I wear on a regular basis and what I don’t. I grabbed all the clothes that I knew I didn’t wear, and then did a second sweep with things I was unsure about. Goodbye, all the uncomfortable career fair t-shirts that I don’t know why I kept. You won’t be missed.

I ended up getting rid of 2 garbage bags full of clothes. I also got rid of my hair styling appliances (hairdryer and curling iron) because I don’t use them. Hooray for having easy to deal with hair!

I later was sad that I got rid of my hairdryer for the sole purpose of breaking in my black flats that were slightly painful. I ended up just sucking it up and wearing them. They don’t give me blisters anymore, for anyone who’s wondering. So I didn’t need the hairdryer anyway.

I also went through my makeup drawers, which was ridiculously fun to go through. I did a makeup clean out a few months ago, and it hasn’t completely gotten out of hand yet (again), so I decided I would only go through my lipsticks (which somehow I had accumulated, in a few months, a lot. Let’s just leave it at a lot of lipsticks).

I ended up throwing away half of them. It wasn’t hard – I had a lot of repeat colors and also a lot of lippies I’m pretty sure were expired or well on their way to expiring. Oops. I did end up having a full arm of lipstick swatches though, which was super fun and also hazardous for the cleanliness of everything in the apartment.

Finally, I got rid of a bunch of my papers that I’d been holding onto – like schoolwork and handouts and stuff. Well, it’s senior year.

I get to get rid of that stuff now.

Trust me, throwing away handouts is a lot more exciting and good-feeling than it sounds like.

Now it actually feels a lot nicer. I still have quite a few pieces of clothing, but more manageable and also all clothes that I wear (except for my corset and my flapper dress which, for obvious reasons, I couldn’t part with). It makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier, and I know whatever I reach for will be pieces that look good on me and also don’t require me to suck in my tummy and stuff like that. Slob-ing around in presentable clothing for the win!

Its the same with my makeup – picking out lipstick colors is way easier now that I have fewer, and I’ve rediscovered lipsticks that I may or may not have forgotten about.

That is exactly the problem with having too much stuff. You’ve only got one sodding body, what are you going to put all the extra clothes and makeup on anyway?

Also, donating a lot of clothes and appliances in fairly good condition felt really awesome. I hope they find good homes.

All in all, I think my decluttering project was a success and I encourage everyone to try it too!

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