Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

For those of you who have no idea: I’m Canadian, and my Thanksgiving was yesterday. While I have many issues with the historical implications of Thanksgiving especially since this year, it coincided with the US’s Columbus Day (*cough*genocide*cough*), I do think it is a good habit to take time and be thankful of what we have, especially since as a MIT college student, it is all too easy to get sucked into the black hole of anxiety (*cough*jobhunting*cough*).

So here goes:

1. I’m thankful for my family, but especially my sister, who is adorable. They have always been supportive of me in my endeavors, even though sometimes the way they show love is somewhat questionable. Thank you to Hera, who as a six year old little girl, is already capable of noticing when I’m sad and knows how to cheer me up and make me laugh. I strive every day to be a good sister (I even don’t swear in front of her!) and a good example for her. Also, I’m thankful for mom and dad for always buying me fancy food.

I strive to be a better person every day
for this adorable little one right here

2. I’m thankful for my roommates. Even though we’re not all completely sane, we do try to keep each other grounded and we are always here for each other. Thanks Emma for being resident baking mom, and thanks Caitlin for always being there to remind me to slow down, calm down, and also for giving me all the meds.

Say hello to Emma, our resident baking mom. Caitlin, it’s your fault
for not coming to Maine with us and me not having any pictures of you
from this summer 🙁

3. I’m thankful for Julie and Stephen, my best friends (apart from my roommates, who are now basically family). Thank you (especially Julie) for providing me with a safe haven to go to on campus, and being there to watch ridiculous episodes of Steven Universe with (since she’s the one who got me into it in the first place). Thanks both of you for being there for me during my worst times last year, and remembering to check up on me when others forgot about me. Also, thanks for Arlong because he’s an addition to our family and somehow all three of us in the apartment have gotten attached to him (it?). I hope you’re both proud he’s still alive.

I hope you know that you are adorbs

4. I’m thankful for my dance group, ADT, and the relationships I’ve forged there. I joined ADT late, but I have been forever thankful that I did. I forgot how much I used to enjoy dancing as a child, and ADT helped me regain that passion. My rehearsals have been an amazing outlet for my anxiety and stress, and I love every single one of my choreographers – even the ones I didn’t know long. Thank you to everyone who offered a hug and didn’t question or pry when I burst out crying before and after rehearsals. I have become friends with some of the most amazing, quirky, ridiculous, and adorable people at MIT through this dance group, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

ADT has hands down been one of the best experiences
in my life so far and has kept me from sinking at MIT

5. Finally, I’m thankful for the people who have managed to stick with me. After I moved out of my dorm last year, I realized that people I once thought were friends had never actually truly cared about me. I made a bigger effort to stay friends with them than they did, and when I disappeared from their lives, not one sought to contact me, ask me if I was okay, especially during the time when I needed that reassurance the most. So thank you to the friends from Pomfret who have stayed with me (Alyssa and Lydia!) and the friends at MIT who have always been there to offer a hand or a listening ear even when I was too scared to ask for it (apart from the ones mentioned, Rosa especially, for letting me cry on your shoulder too many times to count).

Thank you Rosa for letting me cry at you literally all the time last year

Now that I’ve finished being all sappy – now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to look towards Halloween…. and Christmas! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so don’t mind me as I start watching Christmas movies a few months too early. The argument that “Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet!” doesn’t apply to me.

What are you thankful for?

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