New York City in Munchies

In Canada, kids get Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off from school, so my family and I flew down to New York to spend the weekend. This means that this is the third month in a row in which I have been in New York. This also means that I have been in New York once a month

On Drawing and Mental Health

I have been a painter and an artist my entire life. Okay, maybe when I was like four, I couldn’t really call myself an artist, although my mom is very adamant that my drawing level was much higher than an average four year old. Something about being able to draw more than just stick figures and smiley faces on butterflies

On Reading

One of the saddest things about college is that you stop reading. At least, I did. I used to be a voracious reader. I was the kid that had a flashlight hidden under her pillow and piles of books hidden under her bed, until one day she upgraded to a bed that had a hidden compartment in the headboard (I