Cissy's Art Café - About Me
Hi! I’m the face behind Cissy’s Art Café. Here you can see me exploring the ranges of my silliness. I hope you enjoy my blog!

When I was younger, my parents secretly hoped that I would begin a chain of coffeeshops around the world. They affectionately dubbed it “Cissy’s Art Café”, hoping I could share my artwork, my food, and my thoughts in one small, cozy space.

Hi, I’m Cecile. I like to explore the ranges of my creativities in everything that I do. I like messing around with lines and color and paint and markers and foods and words and thoughts and seeing what can come from my two hands and my head. I like to make stuff that makes people smile.

This is my blog. I hope you enjoy, and I hope that if you have explorations to share you’ll share them with me too.

To contact me, please email me at sayhi@cissyartcafe.com. Or, shoot me a DM through any of the channels linked in the sidebar!