Nice to meet you!

My name is Cecile Lu (pronounced like Cecilia, but without the -ia), and I'm a young person trying to figure out my place in the world while living in the busy space of New York City. My first passion is art, so while I work as a user experience and graphic designer to pay the bills, I'm trying to find out if my creativity can be harnessed in other ways - through my paintings and through my writing. My first hope is that my art can inspire you, and my second that my words resonate with you. 

I like to explore the ranges of my creativities in everything that I do. I like messing around with lines and color and paint and markers and foods and words and thoughts and seeing what can come from my two hands and my head. I like to make stuff that makes people smile.

This blog was originally a pet project I started and worked on, on and off, through college. A lot of my older posts are about the craziness of being a very stressed out college student at M.I.T. and I've left some published in the hope that they might help people younger than me currently dealing with similar stresses and anxieties. 

Now, I'm hoping to use this blog as a method to keep myself accountable: to keep moving my various projects forward, to keep myself sane and to not let myself get lost in the overwhelm of my own brain and my own anxieties. I hope some of my words can resonate with you, or at least, that you'll find my drawings and ramblings amusing. 

If you'd like to contact me for commissions, please email me at

Where the name "Cissy's Art Café" came from:

When I was younger, my parents secretly hoped that I would begin a chain of coffee shops around the world. They affectionately dubbed it “Cissy’s Art Café”, hoping I could share my artwork, my food, and my thoughts in one small, cozy space.

That coffee shop never did become a reality, at least so far. Perhaps my inability to actually drink coffee had something to do with it! Instead, I've created a small online space through various channels. I'm hoping that this little internet corner of mine can emulate the ideals we had of that coffee shop dream.

This is my blog. I hope you enjoy, and I hope that my journey and advice can be helpful and inspiring for your own creative pursuits as well!