Another month, another painting for my bullet journal! I have a few fun things planned for September, namely that I am going to Disney World and Universal for Labor Day weekend and I will be going to Maker Faire at the end of the month. I’m very excited for both things, and I decided that my two favorite fictional robots could be turned into a lovely and coherent theme that encompassed both activities. And so, Floral Robot Friends was born.

The Theme: Floral Robot Friends!

My two absolute favorite fictional robots are, of course, Baymax from Big Hero 6 and BB-8 from the latest additions to the Star Wars franchise! They’re both super cute and they look cuddly – although I think Baymax would be nicer to actually cuddle than BB-8, since Baymax is built to look friendly and non-threatening.

In my mind, I think they would be friends if they ever met each other. Baymax would immediately be loving, just like how he took to Hiro’s cat in the movie (“Hairy baby!”). BB-8, on the other hand, would be a little wary at first. Baymax, being unfamiliar to them, would be suspicious at first! But just like how BB-8 eventually warmed up to the protagonists in the Star Wars films, BB-8 would also warm up to Baymax. Soon, they would be inseparable.

Floral Robot Friends @ Cissy's Art Café

Painting Obsessions: Floral Accents + Red Outlines

I couldn’t help but add in some floral accents in a similar color scheme. I’ve been very obsessed with painting these little floral doodles lately, and they’re super easy to do! I think they help add a little extra charm, don’t you?

Plus, they make great stickers, both alone and for layering! I used one to decorate my monthly overview page, and I think it turned out pretty cute. I usually keep my spreads super minimal, but these D.I.Y. stickers have been really great to use lately. They add just a touch of whimsy and color on an otherwise minimal page.

My other painting obsession lately has been doing my outlines in red. I used to shy away from using red as an outline color because I thought it would look too harsh, but I’ve since changed my mind. I think the red gives enough depth to still be a good outlining color while being softer than a more traditional navy or black.

Floral Robot Friends @ Cissy's Art Café

The Tools: Painting and Writing Supplies

For the Floral Robot Friends painting, I am still using Prima Watercolors Tropical Confections palette on Canson Mixed Media paper. The paper is stuffed into my DIY notebook, just like how a journal would be. I really like having my painting and journaling all in the same place – it makes it really convenient!

In my journal, I’m still using my beloved TWSBI Eco. She is my true love in the form of a fountain pen, and I have her paired permanently with Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink (until I upgrade, at least). I did switch out my gray Tombow brush pen highlight for a light pink one, so instead of using the N75, I’ll be using 850 for September. I think changing up the highlight is a simple way to add some color and switch things up!

The Products: Printables & Stickers!

Floral Robot Friends @ Cissy's Art Café

I am offering the same set of stickers and printables that I used to you! I’ve made two versions of my calendar: the small calendar version that I use in my bullet journal, and the grid calendar that I put on my desk. They come with both a Sunday start and a Monday start for whatever suits your needs best.

I also have the same painting available as a print and greeting card, because I thought it was too cute to pass up.

Plus, stickers! I made a page of printable stickers that you can purchase and download at home. Print them out, cut them out, and they’re ready for you to use! If you’d like me to create that set for you, that option is now available in my shop under the same listing as a “Physical Stickers” option. I’m always happy to make a set for you and mail it to you directly.

I also have larger physical sticker decals that you can purchase. These ones are bigger – They’re about 3 inches tall, which makes them great for decorating your laptop, your phone, or anything else you might like to put stickers on. I am currently working on filling my entire laptop cover with stickers that I’ve made myself, just for fun!

I’m in love with how my Floral Robot Friends setup turned out, and I hope you love it too! It was really fun painting all of the little robots. I’m pretty sure I can paint BB-8 in my sleep now. Between the two BB-8 paintings I’ve done and the paintings I did for this setup, I’ve definitely gotten enough practice.

I hope this breakdown of my thought process was interesting to you, or at least that the video was fun to watch! I think I’m slowly figuring out my filming and editing style. I’d really love to upgrade to a better camera some day. Baby steps!


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