Big announcement, everyone – I’ve created a new shop that’s fully integrated with this blog! It’s got a whole new look, and it’s now a little bit more affordable. I added prints I’ve been meaning to add for a while, and removed some that I felt were not up to the quality I wanted to offer. (I’ll probably add them to my Redbubble to make up for it.) Plus, stickers!Galaxy Animals Art Print - Cissy's Art Café

I finally added these galaxy animals to the shop – get it here

Why I switched

Etsy recently increased their fees, which prompted most artists I know on Etsy to increase the pricing of their items. I followed suit, of course, but I didn’t want to force my customers to help eat that extra cost – so I figured I ought to offer a different solution that should make everyone a little happier.

Enter WooCommerce, a solution that’s already integrated to WordPress! It’s free to set up, and with a little CSS-styling plus fixing some security issues, I was ready to go.

The New Look

Since I was integrating my shop with the blog, I wanted to redo how my listings looked to better suit the way the blog looks! I went ahead and changed up my Etsy listings, too, so it looks nice and uniform everywhere.

Floral Animals Art Prints - Cissy's Art Café

I combined these prints into a series, as they originally were anyway! Get them here

Plus, Stickers!

I’ve been meaning to add stickers to the shop for ages, and with this shop redo I was able to! I also figured out how to mail them for significantly less – with stamps, in a hand-addressed envelope – which I hope is a solution that suits everyone.

These plant pandas are absolutely adorable as stickers – don’t believe me? They’re on my Instagram! Get them here

I hope this switch works well for everyone! If you’d rather shop on Etsy, my shop is still up on Etsy – and if you can’t help yourself but look for the best deal, well, that’s definitely the new shop here on the blog.