This past long weekend I visited my friends in New York City, and we spent the weekend alternating between exploring (read: shopping) the city and hiding out in her apartment from the cold. As expected of being in NYC, I spent quite a bit of money. After all, is there anything else to do there?

Friday, February 12:

$22.50 Bus to New York City (purchased in January)
It was a long ride and the girl that sat next to me was Korean and had very long bleached hair. It was brassy. Brassy blonde is a pretty gross color, in my opinion. Also, it looked really unhealthy, as to be expected when you try to bleach black hair to blonde.

I took the BoltBus, which let me off on 1st Ave. “Basically on the moon”, as Alyssa, my lovely friend who came to pick me up, said.

$20 MTA ticket refill
This money was spent much more quickly than I expected. The MTA is very expensive.

$30 Dinner at Schiller’s Liquor Bar

Amazing burger with amazing fries and a very bizarre pickle

Schiller’s was recommended by Caitlin’s Spotify coworkers, who I’m guessing are quite young and hipster because Schiller’s was quite a lively hipster place. They said we wouldn’t have to wait for a table.

We waited for an hour, so, apparently the Spotify workers are liars. Thanks, Spotify.

I ended up ordering the cheeseburger (medium rare, cheddar) with fries. It was very good and juicy, and the mustard was not Heinz mustard even though it was deceptively held in one of those cheap mustard squeeze bottles. It was spicy and very tasty and probably homemade, gauging the hipsterness of the bar.

The pickle, however, was not a pickle. Do not eat the pickle. It was bizarre.

We also got a sticky toffee pudding to share, which was very amazing, and thank you Foursquare people for recommending it. If I hadn’t been so full from the burger and fries I probably would’ve ordered a second one for myself because it was that good.

Saturday, February 13:

$15.13 Brunch at The Grey Dog in Union Square

French Toast at The Grey Dog

We’re silly.

Caitlin and I had very early brunch at 9:30am on Saturday (Alyssa stayed in bed like every other normal person on a Saturday morning). The Grey Dog is also very hipster and adorable. I got French Toast (it was huge and amazing) and a warm cider.

Caitlin opened up her care package and she got very excited about the owl washi tape I brought her. It’s very cute.

$3 (probably) for Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows at Vineapple Cafe

Hot chocolate with giant marshmallows!

Alyssa had squash with one of her friends so I chilled in a coffeeshop on Pineapple Street. Brooklyn is weird. There’s a Pineapple Street and Orange Street and Cranberry Street.

The marshmallows were huge except they got stuck to the cup and I had a hard time getting them out. I eventually asked for a spoon.

I didn’t spend any more money on Saturday because Alyssa made me dinner. She made risotto and homemade bread and I ate my face off and then couldn’t move for the rest of the day. My tummy was still hurting when we went to bed at midnight.

Alyssa’s homemade bread is the best thing. 

Sunday, February 14:

$6.52 at Paper Presentation
Caitlin told me about this paper store which Alyssa then told me her friend is in love with. I was very adamant about going and then I had a hard time convincing myself to not buy out the store. It’s very probably my new favorite place in New York.

I love paper.

I ended up buying a set of magnet bookmarks so that I would stop using paper clips, because warping the pages on my notebooks with paper clips is annoying to me. Plus, the magnets are very cute.

We went to Sephora where Alyssa used her gift cards and I vicariously lived through her makeup shopping.

We also went to MUJI where I convinced myself to not buy more pens because I need to use up the ones I already have, and then we went to Nordstrom Rack, Burlington Coat Factory, Forever 21 (where Alyssa scored two sweaters for less than 8 dollars – she’s very proud) and DSW in search for a hat for my sad little cold ears. We didn’t find anything and my ears continued to be sad and cold.

$5.80 at Whole Foods
Alyssa and I got hungry at some point so we decided to pop into the Whole Foods cafe to grab a snack – I got a chocolate croissant and a chai latte. When I asked how much switching to soy would be, the guy gave me a weird look and was like, it’s free. The duh was implied.

Soy is never free anywhere else. I was very excited about my free soy upgrade. Usually I just get the milk because I’m too cheap to pay for the upgrade and deal with the tummy pains later.

We watched a couple get into a very loud argument, which was fairly entertaining and also probably very awkward for them because they were being very loud and it was Valentine’s Day.

$14.95 at The Strand
The Strand is one of my favorite places in New York. There’s nothing better than books on books on books – literally.

I finally found a hat at the Strand. It’s grey and has a giant pom pom on the top and I feel like a total nerd when I wear it because it says Strand Books on it. I love it.

I also found a bunch of books which I photographed in order to find on Amazon Kindle later, because I didn’t want to bring a bunch of books back to Boston with me. Also, because I already have too many books and moving out will be a pain. I’ve decided I want to try reading more instead of wasting all of my time on Youtube (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

$11.25 at Bravo Pizza

A New York trip is never complete without pizza. I had a pepperoni and sausage slice, a tomato and broccoli slice, and a peach tea.

I love pizza. I love peach tea. What more could a girl want.

$15.60 at Regal Cinemas for SkullPoopL
Alyssa and I finished off our Valentine’s day with Deadpool at Regal Cinemas. I thought the movie was very well done and hilarious – a lot of fourth-wall-breaking, a lot of crude humor, a lot of making fun of Marvel Studios and of MCU fans. It was great.

Although, we saw someone bring their 7-ish year old kid?? The movie is rated R. It is well deserving of its R rating. Someone is a very irresponsible parent. VERY irresponsible.

$10 MTA ticket refill
My MTA ticket ran out of money and it was sad. I consoled myself by making Alyssa take a selfie with me.

Subway selfie!

Monday, February 15:

I didn’t spend any further money in the city itself on Monday. Alyssa bought me breakfast bagels and then I felt sick from too much cream cheese, and I visited The STUDIO which is a visual communications firm in Manhattan.

$30.50 Bus to Boston (purchased in January)
I took the 7pm Greyhound back to Boston and we got caught in the snow, so I didn’t get in until 12:45. When the T had already shut down. Which means I had to take an uber home.

I was not pleased with having to take an uber home.

$29.80 Uber
The Uber was the same price as my bus ticket. I feel somewhat cheated out of my money. If the Greyhound had arrived on time I wouldn’t have had to spend this money. Sadface.

All in all, despite the rather horrid trip back to Boston because the weather sucked, the New York trip was very fun and a good break from.. well, from not very much considering the semester has barely started.

What’s your favorite place to visit in NYC?

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