In Canada, kids get Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off from school, so my family and I flew down to New York to spend the weekend.

This means that this is the third month in a row in which I have been in New York. This also means that I have been in New York once a month since 2016 began. My friend Alyssa thinks the city is calling to me.

Since I was with my family, I didn’t have many personal expenses (thanks dad!) so I thought it might be fun to instead track my short weekend trip with the food I munched on.

Munchies #1:
We flew in on Friday night and got in pretty late, so we actually ate dinner in the airport at Toronto. When we got to our hotel at around 10pm, my mom was having the munchies so we found a convenience store down the street and bought some chips and salsa to snack on, as well as yogurt for breakfast the next day.

Munchies #2:
Hera had a yogurt for breakfast and I ate my granola bar that I found lying in my backpack. I had found it last night and given it to Hera, but she had only taken a small bite of it. I figured I might as well eat it and not waste it.

Munchies #3:
We went to the Glasserie (95 Commercial St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn) for brunch, which was just a short walk from where we were staying. The Glasserie is a cute restaurant in what used to be a glass factory, and they serve mediterranean style food. We ordered the Mezze Feast off of the brunch menu, which came with a giant plate of grilled flatbreads and lots of little side dishes.

Out of the side dishes, everyone loved the hummus the most. I love pickles, and the Glasserie’s sweet pickles were amazing; the marinated carrots and the cauliflower-potato salad were also very good. I definitely recommend going to try it out!
Munchies #4: 

After brunch, we went to 5th Ave in Manhattan to do some shopping (well, Mom and Hera did some shopping and the rest of us followed them around). There’s a Godiva and a Lindt store on 5th Ave across the street from each other. I couldn’t resist.

I got a cone of chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva and a bag of Lindt truffles. The strawberries disappeared in seconds; the Lindt bag is sitting under my bedside table staring at me.

Munchies #5:
We walked from 5th Ave to Times Square in order to see a show (the Gazillion Bubble Show at New World Stages), but we were a bit early. We stopped in the Prêt A Manger near the theater to get something to eat. I got a hot chocolate with soy and a Pain au Chocolat that was still warm and crispy and so tasty.

Also, I don’t like places that call them chocolate croissants. They’re not croissants.

Munchies #6:
For dinner, we went back down to Brooklyn and went to Hill’s Country Barbecue Market (345 Adams St). I was pretty surprised that my mom wanted to go get southern barbecue – the cuisine is really not up her alley. I think she was craving meat.

I shared a plate of brisket, a hot sausage, sweet potato mash, and mac and cheese with Hera, and topped it off with an iced tea. Southern iced tea is one of my favorite drinks, although I think Tupelo’s (my preferred brunch place in Inman Square, Cambridge) iced tea was better than this place’s.

Munchies #7:
We went back to the hotel after dinner and so the next meal was breakfast the next day on Sunday. I ate my yogurt that we had bought on Friday night and Hera ate lots of chips.

Munchies #8:
I parted ways with my family because I had to get on a bus to get back to Boston in time for my rehearsal at 6pm. I got off the subway at Times Square and walked the tunnel to Port Authority, and decided that since I was unable to go to the Strand this New York trip (I go every time), I would make up for it with pizza.

I stopped in a pizza place down the street from Port Authority, but the pizza was very mediocre. I’ve had better pizza in Boston, which is sad and depressing because I know New York can do better than this!

Munchies #9:
I got hungry on the bus, so I ate a couple of my Lindt truffles. They were a great purchase.

What are your favorite places to eat in the city? I discovered a few new places this trip – I definitely want to go back to the Glasserie for dinner at some point and try their lamb, as was suggested multiple times on Foursquare!