Ever since I realized I could film my painting process with my phone, I’ve fully jumped into the bandwagon of creating paint with me videos! I personally love watching this kind of content because it feels so calming and peaceful. Watching someone else’s paint with me video can sometimes help me discover new ways of painting something, or give me ideas for what to paint next.

Paint With Me: Movie Landscapes

I’ve always loved beautiful cinematography, but that love turned into a fully fledged obsession after I did my 31 Days of Movie Scenes challenge in March! Movie scenes are really great resources for art because they include scenery and landscapes of places that you might not see in your day-to-day life. They’re already set-up to be beautiful because of directors and cinematographers. Plus, they have characters that you can practice painting too!

I think most people all have a favorite movie. I find it really fun to take a scene from one of my beloved movies and put my own colorful spin on it. Here, I took a still I found on Pinterest from one of the Harry Potter movies and made it my own.

I love how it turned out! I painted this on a Sunday afternoon, as the sun was about to go down, which is why the lighting is the way it is. To me, it felt like the coziness of my apartment as the sun was setting matched that of the movie scene.

Paint With Me: Hagrid's Home @ Cissy's Art Café

Paint With Me: Cute Colorful Animals

I absolutely love painting cute things, so that was my go-to during my 100 Day painting challenge – and after 100 days, I’m still not sick of painting them! This specific painting was created for my friend, who recently just moved in with her partner.

The squid represents her partner (honestly, I don’t know, so don’t ask me why), and I picked a quokka to represent her. She loves quokkas, and I think that if she were an animal, she would 100% be one!  They’re known for their adorable smile and cheerful appearance, and my friend is someone who is somehow amazingly capable at seeing a positive side of any situation.

The most fun thing about painting stuff like this is that you can put some things together that would never happen in real life. I could never imagine seeing a quokka hugging a squid, but in painting form, anything is possible.

I don’t know if it’s the subject matter or if I think I created something good, but I can’t help but smile when I see this painting! It has a new home now, and I hope the recipients love it as much as I do.

Paint With Me: Quokka @ Cissy's Art Café


My Trusty Painting Tools

My favorite painting supplies haven’t changed – both of these paintings are done on Canson Mixed Media paper with the Prima Watercolors tropical palette and my Sakura Koi water brush. I add texture with Prismacolor colored pencils and white highlights with a Sakura gelly roll.

My favorite new addition is that water jar you see in my photos! I got it at Michael’s for a couple bucks, and it brings me a lot of joy, even though it just carries dirty paint water. The best part is, I’m significantly less likely to mix up my paint water jar and my regular water bottle now!

Final Thoughts

Even though I completed my 100 day painting challenge, I’m still trying my best to paint almost every day! I’ve found that painting helps me feel a lot more at ease mentally, and creating something beautiful with my hands is really satisfying. I have also been really enjoying making these short Paint With Me videos, and I hope you love them too!

It would really make my day if you subscribed to my Youtube channel, too! So far, I’ve been uploading there more frequently than this blog, but I’m hoping to get it to a similar consistency.

Cute animals and movie scenes are my go-to things when I’m not sure what I want to paint! What’s your go-to subject? Also, what should I paint next?

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