It’s been a while since I wrote anything, and for good reason – I’ve had a really busy month, with Inktober and traveling for 10 days! I’ll be doing recaps on both (there’s a vlog about my trip on my Youtube channel), but for now – it’s time for another plan with me blog post.

The Theme: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so I couldn’t help but pick a related theme for the month for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film! I have my reservations about the film already but I’m still going to go see it, because, well, magic.

My favorite character in the first Fantastic Beasts film was, of course, the niffler! I decided to paint a Niffler for my cover page. As a bit of departure from my usual style, I decided to write out the calendar instead of typing it and printing it out as usual. I did, of course, still make a printable for you, and you will be able to find it in my shop linked at the end of the post.

Plan With Me: Fantastic Beasts Theme, ft. Notebook Therapy!

Trying Something New

I didn’t have time to design a new set of stickers this month, unfortunately (find out why at the end of the post), so I decided instead to try painting a few things in my spread and go for a more decorative look. This type of spread can often feel too busy for me, but I actually really love how it turned out; my occamy in a teapot is just too cute! It’s inspired me to add teapot animals to my list of paintings I’d like to make, so keep an eye out for that sometime in the future.

Plan With Me: Fantastic Beasts Theme, ft. Notebook Therapy!

I also decided to try adding an “Ideas Live Here” page, which functions essentially as a brain dump page. It gave me an excuse to paint something else, and I decided to paint a thunderbird taking flight. Hopefully, the whimsical nature of the painting can help my ideas take flight as well. I never thought this page would be very useful for me, but it turns out that I’ve already filled the page out despite the fact that November hasn’t even begun yet! I may end up needing to add an extra “Ideas Live Here” page later on.

Plan With Me: Fantastic Beasts Theme, ft. Notebook Therapy!

The Tools

As you can probably tell, I played with some different tools this month. I was kindly gifted a few products from Notebook Therapy, a cute little online stationery shop that has a large Instagram presence. They contacted me and asked if they could send me a few things in exchange for my honest review. You can see me working with some of the items they sent me in my Plan With Me video.

The star of the items was, of course, the watercolor brush pens. They were really fun to paint with and had a fantastic color selection! A lot of the colors were bright and vibrant, which was right up my alley. I found that there was less control with the brush pens as there would be with regular paint and a brush, but once I adapted to it I managed to work with it and create some pretty spreads.

Plan With Me: Fantastic Beasts Theme, ft. Notebook Therapy!

Next, I received some metallic glitter pens. These were also fun to play with because they were really shiny, and I spent some time just turning the paper to watch the sheen of the ink. I think the colors all ended up looking pretty dark, which made it hard to use in my paintings. These would be great for calligraphy and writing (especially on darker paper)!

I also really enjoyed the Sakura Micron PN pen I received. It’s been a while since I lined anything with a pen instead of with a brush and watercolor, and I forgot how much control you get with a pen! I love how the pink looks with the paintings, and I’m excited to continue using it in my artwork. I’ll probably eventually go back to using a brush and watercolor, though. There’s something exciting about not having as much control over where the lines fall, don’t you think?

Lastly, I received a Watercolor Geometric Sticky Note and a Gold Foil Washi Tape, both of which are very pretty products even though I didn’t get to use them as much in my spreads. The sticky notes had an issue separating with each other, which tends to happen with cheaper ones. It’s not a huge deal, because you can solve that problem with some scissors and some tape anyway.

The Products

This month, I only have the printable calendar available – but for good reason! I recently purchased a Cricut machine, which means I can finally make proper sticker sheets instead of handcutting everything. Over the month of November, I’ll be working on reformatting all of my stickers into sticker decals or sticker sheets. This means that I’ll be able to offer both for a little bit less money, so get excited!

I’m also planning on doing some redesigning and creating more product, so it’s going to be a busy month. It should be a fun time! What are you up to this month? I’d love to know!