The UK (Brexit) and the EU (VAT changes)

Due to shipping changes affecting the EU after July 1, 2021, please be aware that all EU customers are responsible for paying any import VAT, taxes, and fees associated with your order. Import VAT is charged by your country on orders under €150, and it must be paid to your local package delivery service in order for your package to arrive to you. The cost of international shipping through my shop does not include the import VAT charge, which is a separate payment you will need to pay to your delivery service. Orders cannot be refunded if you fail to pay import fees that allow your package to arrive safely to you. As far as I’m aware, stickers (which are mailed in regular envelopes with stamps) are currently exempt from these import VAT charges.

Due to Brexit-related shipping changes for online retailers from outside the UK, my shop does not qualify for VAT payment requirements unless your order is over £135. I am more than happy to ship my goodies to you, but please keep your order under this amount so that we don’t have to worry about VAT charges! Thank you so much ♡

Shipping Delays & Restrictions

As a small business, I cannot control how quickly USPS and your local postal service gets your package to you! Domestic mail usually takes 2-8 days, but can be delayed up to a week; International mail can take 3-4 months to arrive. In addition, there are some countries that are not accepting US mail, and therefore I cannot ship to them. Before you place an order, please make sure to check this resource here to see if your country is accepting US mail. I will be checking this list every few days to keep my shop’s shipping countries updated. Currently, I cannot ship to Australia and New Zealand.

If you do not want to risk your order getting delayed in the mail (especially custom physical orders or original paintings, as those cannot be replaced), I have a lovely selection of digital downloads that you can find here! If you are in a country that USPS is currently not shipping to, but would like to place an order that’ll I’ll hold here until shipping opens up, please email me directly and I’ll see what I can do for you.

do you ship internationally?

Yes! I’ve recently updated my shipping costs to better reflect the current international shipping costs that USPS sets.

International shipping for stickers costs $5, and they are shipped in simple stamped envelopes hand addressed to you. International shipping including anything else (prints, custom orders, enamel pins, etc) will have a tracking number and costs $15.

when will my order be sent out?

I currently ship once or twice a week! I try my best to pack orders in a timely manner, within a couple days of you placing your order. You will know when your order ships out by the tracking number or note added to your order information, which will be emailed to you!

when will my order arrive?

Domestic orders usually arrive between 2-8 days. If your order includes anything other than stickers, it will have a tracking number associated with it, and should arrive within a week. Sticker orders are mailed with stamps, and may take up to 2 weeks due to the current shipping delays.

International sticker orders usually can take up to a month to arrive. If you ordered anything else, your order may take a little longer to arrive since it is possible for the order to get caught up in customs.

Please keep these shipping times in mind if you’re ordering for special occasions! If your order does not arrive after 6-8 weeks, please get in contact with me and I’ll work with you to find a solution.

let's talk about the environment!

I care deeply about the environment, and I’m always looking for ways to make my lifestyle and my shop more eco-friendly. I’m always trying to cut down my waste and for my packaging to be easily disposed ethically and without needing to go to landfill.

Here’s what you need to know about your order:

All sticker sheets are to be tossed after they are used up. I try my best to maximize the amount of stickers that go on a single sheet, to not waste any excess paper. The sizes of the sticker sheets are also created in a way that minimizes the amount of waste that I throw out in my studio.

All rigid mailers and envelopes are made out of recycled paper, and padded envelopes are also 100% paper. Please make sure to recycle them if you are not reusing them!

Prints are printed on cotton paper, which is a highly renewable plant and also is the most luxurious type of paper you can get! It’s a win-win for everyone around.

All small orders, including small prints, stickers, and enamel pins, are wrapped in glassine envelopes or in glassine paper. Glassine is both 100% recyclable and compostable, so choose whichever disposal method that works better for you. Glassine is often used to protect artwork, or you can reuse it in your journal spreads if you wish!

My 8″ x 10″ plastic bags (for prints and original art) must be tossed. They are not compostable because I purchased them when I first started my shop and I haven’t run out yet. I will be switching to glassine sheets to package prints and originals once I run out of the plastic bags.

All shipping labels are printed on zero waste sticker paper, which made from 100% recycled paper and curbside recyclable.

I made a video about my eco-friendly packaging a while ago, which you can watch here if you are interested!

In my studio:

I am conscious of where I am ordering supplies from, and I order the bulk of my supplies from eco-enclose.

I save pretty much all the miscut stickers for my own use, so that they don’t go directly to landfill. Paper scraps are also saved, which I use for color testing when I am painting and in my journaling.

All cardboard is recycled or reused.

In my home, we are trying to implement more eco-friendly practices, and being more thoughtful about where our money is going when we purchase items.