It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog, preferring instead to focus on my no-longer-new Patreon and my Youtube channel and my shop – all of which have kept me wildly busy as I juggle trying to be a creative and my full-time job and maintaining a less-than-healthy social life. During the six or so months where I’ve been silent here, I’ve managed to reach my first Patreon goal and maintain my goal of 2 youtube videos a month. I hope that I’ll achieve the rest of my 2019 goals by the end of the year.

But I’ve missed writing, and while I can no longer write as often as I did before, I still want to blog occasionally. I’ve added writing a monthly post into my Patreon rewards, but every once in a while I’d like to continue writing here. I hope that you’ll forgive my infrequent posts, and instead enjoy my videos (which have been quite fun to make!) and the monthly additions to my shop.

In the time that I’ve been silent here, I’ve also managed to grow another year older, and because I love my previous two Snippets posts, I thought I’d continue that tradition with this first post back to the blog.


I go home to DC to visit my family between my and my mom’s birthday, and my little sister makes us a cake. At this moment in time, she’s 9, and she absolutely loves to cook and bake. She bakes the cake all by herself, with a little bit of supervision from my partner Alan.

I don’t remember exactly how the cake tastes anymore, but I do remember that at this moment, my mom poked her in the side. She’s very ticklish.


We put finishing touches on our new apartment, one of which is this ridiculous painting that I make at Alan’s request. It’s based off of one of the paintings I did during my 100 Day Project. It’s still in the same location now, although those plants have moved to sunnier locations.

I still plan on making individual stickers of these little animal planets, mostly because i think they’re really cute and hilarious, and I want to stick one on my slowly dying laptop.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, August @ Cissy's Art Café

Alan’s friend visits us for a chess tournament and while they are gone, I decided to try to make homemade pasta using a very helpful Tasty video. It takes a lot of time, and I have to roll the pasta out by hand because we do not own a pasta machine in our tiny little apartment. It’s exhausting, but rewarding. I pair the pasta with a very simple tomato sauce, and it is very, very yummy.

We haven’t made it again since, even though we keep planning on it. Oops.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, September @ Cissy's Art Café

We visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, along with Disneyworld. It is an extremely expensive trip, but very fun. I am surprised by how empty Universal Studios is on Labor Day, in comparison to the bustle of Disneyworld.

We also find that Orlando is filled with mini golf courses, and we play one while trying not to sweat our brains out. It’s very hot in Florida this time of year.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, October @ Cissy's Art Café

We have just landed in Paris, and we’re both exhausted from the flight. But we decide not to waste the afternoon, and manage to visit the Louvre right before it closes. We watch the sunset by the Seine, and I sketch the view.

The rest of the trip is filled with eating good food and exploring different cities. I especially love Lyon, and I’m so glad I planned our trip there. We eat some of the best food there and we still reminisce about a chocolate platter we encountered there.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, November @ Cissy's Art Café

My mom visits New York with my little sister, and she takes us to this Japanese restaurant that’s much too fancy. The fish tastes amazing, and the waitress introduces us to every fish (including photos) prior to every course. They all blend together now, and I still know nothing about the different types of fish we ate.

The sushi chef is adorable, and shows off a giant knife that’s used as decor in the background.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, December @ Cissy's Art Café

It’s Christmas, and my new little brother has just been born. He’s tiny and adorable and precious and Hera is already so protective of him that she’ll barely let me hold him.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, January @ Cissy's Art Café

It’s my first month trying to achieve my 2 videos per month goal, and I make my first studio vlog. I feel awkward talking to the camera (in fact, I still do) and I wonder if it shows. My studio vlogs include more of my life, which consists mostly of Alan being silly and eating lots of food, but they’re really fun for me to look back on.

Someday, I’ll feel less awkward talking to a camera. Hopefully.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, February @ Cissy's Art Café

It’s Lunar New Year, and I invite a bunch of friends over to make an excessive amount of dumplings. I do this occasionally every few months, and it’s always great fun. No one leaves hungry.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, March @ Cissy's Art Café

I can’t believe it, but I manage to reach my first Patreon goal. I make my first ever enamel pin, a little red panda sticking out his tongue. I’m over the moon, and figuring out the process was a little complicated but very fun.

When the pins arrive, I can’t believe that I’m holding an actual object I created all by myself in my hands.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, April @ Cissy's Art Café

My mom and Hera visit again, and Hera sees my apartment and stays the night on our very comfortable air mattress. She hugs all of our stuffed animals, and it’s just very cute and sweet and makes me smile. We take her to go eat at a favorite brunch place, and she orders pancakes and complains about being hangry. She’s very confused by our identical fried chicken and waffles orders.

Later, we go see Wicked, the musical, and she bawls into my arm before she sees the ending twist. I laugh because I know it’s coming, and she gets annoyed that I didn’t spoil it for her.


Snippets From My 23rd Year, May @ Cissy's Art Café

We visit my hometown of Ottawa for Memorial Day Weekend, mostly because I need to renew my work visa to the U.S. and because it’s easiest to do so when flying in and out of Ottawa. We spend the weekend visiting my childhood home, photographing tulips and eating a lot of Beavertails.

Beavertails remain the best kind of fried dough in the world and nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise.

12 moments for 12 months, wrapping up my 23rd year. Unlike last year, I spent my birthday with just Alan, but it was very lovely nonetheless. We went to visit the red panda at the Bronx Zoo, and we ate a lot of good food.

We also visited a dog shelter, which was honestly a terrible idea on Alan’s part because we wanted to adopt a little black lab puppy that had a white tip on its tail, and we had to walk away because our apartment is small and we can’t afford to have a puppy right now. We’ve learned we can’t go to animal shelters anymore.

Here’s to another year – of achieving goals, of learning new things, of maintaining friendships, of new endeavors. Let’s make it a great one.

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