When my baby sister was born, one of the best things was that I had a tiny human to make things for: dresses, toys, blankets, sweaters – you name it, I probably at least attempted it. Even now, I make her a dress every Christmas and throw in a few other gifts to truly spoil her. What can I say? She’s a tiny adorable human and I love her very much. Isn’t it the job of a big sister to spoil her little sister rotten?

Please enjoy this picture of my little sister being surprised by our cameras as she emerges from the bathroom with her new dress on.

At 9 years old, she’s unfortunately too big for baby blankets and has been for quite a while. I’ve set my sights on my friends having children (although, not all of them will have children if they choose not to, and I would not impose that ask upon them!) to fulfill my inner grandma need for making large amounts of handmade goods for tiny humans.

None of my friends are at the age of having children quite yet, but late last year, my boss told my team privately that he and his wife were expecting a baby boy. Obviously, I jumped at the chance!

One of the first things I learned about this guy is that he is a huge Star Wars fan. I think it hurts him inside every time I mention that I haven’t actually seen the prequels – Episode I made me uncomfortable, Episode II was boring, and then I was too bored from Episode II to watch Episode III. (Although, I’ve heard III is actually the only one really worth watching?)

I’m also a very new fan – I only bothered watching the original series after watching The Force Awakens in theaters with my dad. BB-8 was what did me in. That droid is much too cute for any person to handle!

Given what I knew about my boss, it was a pretty simple decision to make him a Star Wars themed baby blanket. I also have been wanting to tackle making a corner-to-corner crochet blanket ever since seeing this incredible creation by One Dog Woof ages ago on Pinterest, and since I couldn’t really find a good Star Wars pattern online, I ended up making my own.

So without futher ado… here’s what mine looks like!

Last December, I wrote about my resolution to make monthly project focuses in order to avoid spreading myself too thin, and I can now say that this was my project focus for both January and February! Honestly, it was originally supposed to be just a January project, but it ended up being a much bigger thing to tackle than I expected. It also ended up stressing me out quite a lot, which ended in my significant other having a rather serious conversation with me about my priorities.

Heh, he’s Ron and I’m Hermione. “She really needs to sort out her priorities!” (There will be a blog post coming about this in the future!)

I digress.

For this blanket, I used a 5.0 mm crochet hook (U.S. Size H/8) from this lovely set I got off Amazon ages ago with the following yarns:

My process for creating this blanket included doing a lot of research for how large my grid should be for a normal baby blanket size (based on multiple blog posts, the answer was 25 x 25, but I made my squares 27 x 27 “just in case”), staring at many pictures of Luke, Leia, R2D2, and BB8 before figuring out how to reduce them into little pixels that would fit my grid, and then buying excessive amounts of yarn at Michael’s. I looked at many corner-to-corner crochet tutorials, my favorite of which was this one. I chose to make each square separately so that I could ferry the yarn and pieces to my commute and to my significant other’s apartment, both places I ended up making the majority of the blanket in.

Project Focus: Star Wars Blanket
Here’s the blanket laid out on a bed. I was standing on the edge of the bed while trying to take this picture, which is why the quality is rather poor. Whoops!

Each square ended up being about 25 inches by 25 inches. I joined all the pieces together using a simple single stitch along the edges, and finished the outer edge with a simple single stitch border.

The finished blanket ended up being approximately 4 feet by 4 feet, which I realize is quite large for a baby. I reassured myself by saying that babies grow, so my boss can use the blanket for many years.

When I gave it to him, my boss was very appreciative and he joked that he and his wife could just unfold the blanket further as the baby grew. I told him I expected pictures.

Lessons learned from this project:

I made Luke and Leia without making any tiny skeins to work from, which meant I had to cut and reattach a bunch of yarn with every row. There aren’t a ton of color changes with those two characters, thankfully, so it ended up being rather manageable, although I think it would have been smarter to just make smaller balls of yarn like I did with R2D2 and BB-8. That method proved to be more time-economical because there were less ends to sew in.

However, I was unable to figure out a good way to keep my little yarn balls untangled from each other. I ended up making giant tangles, which I just kind of aggressively pulled at until the yarn gave and I was able to continue crocheting the little pixels. I did look up a couple yarn holder DIY ideas, which I might have to make when I attempt my next C2C blanket. For now, aggressively tugging did prove to be a useful method!

Watching the characters grow row by row as I crocheted little pixels was possibly the most satisfying thing ever.

I watched all of Seasons 2 and 3 of How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix, and then a few movies, while making this project. This took a really, really long time, although when I actually sat down and committed to making it, I was able to make a square in about a week. When I was pressed for time, I did end up making R2D2 and BB-8 within two weeks (while Leia, my first square, took me about all of January to finish).

Where’s the pattern?

I’ve decided to make one of my C2C graphs available for free on this blog post (Leia’s, to be exact) and another available in my freebie library. Click the button below to get the free graph!

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To gain access to my freebie library, along with one other crochet pattern (R2D2), please sign up here:

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Also, the crochet pattern for all 4 squares are available in my Etsy shop. I would greatly appreciate your support!

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While this was a fun endeavor, I plan on making my project focuses for the coming months more art-related than craft-related. However, I am planning on making a giant blanket for my significant other’s bed when we eventually move in together – I’m also quite excited about that! For now, I definitely need a break from making tiny crochet pixels.

Project Focus: Star Wars Blanket
I think my SO was almost just as excited as I was when I finally finished making this blanket!

Thank you all for reading about this project!

Do you enjoy crocheting, or other crafts during your off-work hours? Let me know what you’ve been working on for the past two months – I’d love to know!

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