Hello world!

Over the past year, I’ve recommitted myself to my blog – giving myself a schedule of consistently posting once a month and being able to keep up with it has been cathartic and healing for me.

I love being able to share my thoughts, and the few people who have reached out and expressed their shared experiences have been so valuable to me.

Because of my recommitment, I’ve decided to become more serious about this blog. I have grand plans for this cozy little space of mine – expanding on just the inner workings of my mind, I want to share more of my artwork and my creative outlets with you! I have a couple projects planned for the new year, and I thought that keeping up with them here would keep me accountable.

Really, this is just my way of telling myself to stop wasting so much time on Netflix and actually start working through my list of project ideas. A little peek into what I hope to be working on in the new year: crochet blankets, knitting sweaters, and many, many art projects. Of course, I will still be sharing life-related things – I’ve given myself a goal of posting a new blog post every two weeks, but that might become more frequent as I get more into the swing of things.


Welcome to the newer and shinier version of Cissy’s Art Café!

I’m still working some stuff out, so bear with me. Many of my old posts have been transferred over, although some of the formatting has been lost. You can still access a lot of my old writing, although I’ve hidden some of the stuff I really didn’t like. Head over to the Archives to see what’s there.

I now also have multiple channels for you to contact me, if you so feel like it. I have set up a Facebook page, if you’d like to chat with me, and of course you can DM me and send me suggestions through Instagram, Twitter, or email – check out the sidebar for ways to connect with me. In fact, you can message me right now – What do you like to create?

For now, you can explore what I’ve written in the past. Keep a look out for the next blog post two weeks from now! Please enjoy your time at my cozy little café while you’re here.